In a comment on an article about Hilary vs Ron Paul that appeared in the Liberty Papers website, George summed up why he believes Ron Paul has a genuine chance against Hillary Clinton:

Ron Paul is still mostly unknown. His message of freedom and LIBERTY - that thing you are supposed to be promoting here but do not - is spreading. If you would all stop trying to tell lies to the public and telling them that it is useless to vote for Ron Paul because he can’t win, (he can by the way and several articles have spelled out exactly why and how) you might notice that Ron Paul’s campaign is growing exponentially. Just this month alone, Ron Paul took in 2 1/2 times more money than Huckabee raised in the last three months.

As soon as the Paul message is heard by enough people, Hillary will be toast. What anti-war supporter would rather go with a person who promises war for at least another six years in a country that has nothing to do with anything, vs. a man who promises to pull out the troops in one year when he gets into office?

What senior will vote for Hillary when they realize that she only intends to inflate more and make their static SS checks nearly worthless by the time she gets out of office vs. a man who has promised to save money by stopping the drive for world domination, bring troops home and spend it on the people who have it coming to him. Has Hillary written a bill that would make all SS checks tax free? No. Ron Paul has. Has Hillary written a bill that would make SS money untouchable by the Congress for other projects? No. Ron Paul has. Does Hillary even know what inflation is or how to stop it? Probably not, and she has no way to stop it. All of her programs can only increase inflation and send those on a fixed income into the poor house where she will promise to give them a crumb when they get there.

Ron Paul on the other hand has a plan to return to the rule of law and stop the inflating of the money supply so that your savings will have some worth to them and so that the poor will not be stolen from.

People just need to learn the Ron Paul message - and to do that they need a little time. No, Ron Paul will probably not win an election against Hillary if it were held tomorrow. But it is not going to be held tomorrow

Well said, George! George and some others in the comments section were dismayed that the Liberty Papers, a site purportedly propagating libertarian values, publishes articles that seem to inspire quite the opposite. They even suggest that the whole site might be a trap to lure potential Ron Paul supporters in under false pretenses, and then leave them feeling uneasy about Ron Paul. What ever the case, I must say that with supporters such as these vigilantly patrolling the blogosphere, Ron Paul may indeed gain the support he needs. Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google StumbleUpon Furl Yahoo Ask Mister Wong China Newsvine Simpy Spurl Wink Rawsugar Squidoo Fark