One of the coolest places I’ve ever been is in Anatolia, Turkey. The rock formations are made up of mostly sandstone and lend themselves readily to carving. The people there just started digging and came up with some amazing homes. One of the most impressive features I encountered was a unique spiral staircase that you climbed using all four limbs. It was basically like a DNA double-helix going up the wall of vertical tunnel. You just put your hands and feet in the right spot and started going round and you ended up on the next level. You could do it with your eyes closed, or as was my case, in pitch black darkness. A little alarming to begin with but quite safe when you actually used it. Ingenious!

They were surrounded by the cutest little vinyards, orchards and fields. I rarely ever saw anyone tending them. I was traveling in early autumn and couldn’t help but avail myself of some freshly sun-dried raisins off the vine. I also discovered an odd bush that had some strange looking spine covered fruits. When I used a rock to crack one open, I was surprised to discover what looked like a raw almond inside. I popped it in my mouth and it tasted like Amaretto! So sweet! Hiking that day was absolutely the most enjoyable ever.

This is my last post for 2005. I hope the New Year brings you all you desire!


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