Investors in Liberty Dollars are poised to earn windfall profits in the fiat currency they were meant to replace, while Liberty Services, formerly known as NORFED, Inc., the producers of Liberty Dollars, have been shut down, perhaps for good. The Ron Paul gold Liberty Dollar reached $3,537 on eBay and Nolan Chart gives an account of one investor who is already cashing in. They summed up the situation nicely:

Those who invested in Liberty Dollars from NORFED are poised to reap huge rewards, particularly since it seems likely at this point that they are no longer going to be minted. That makes them collector’s items, and collectible gold, silver, and platinum tend to sell at many times the intrinsic value of a precious metal coin, with the final value tending to be based on how many or few of those coins are in circulation. By raiding NORFED, the Feds are trying to punish that company for conducting transactions which clearly have enriched their customers many times over as a result of that raid. Reddit Slashdot Digg Facebook Technorati Google StumbleUpon Furl Yahoo Ask Mister Wong China Newsvine Simpy Spurl Wink Rawsugar Squidoo Fark