I currently reside in Beijing, China with my two daughters, (11) and Elyssia (7). You can check out some pictures of everyone in my gallery.

During my working hours I promote my company, , a small company based in Utah, which provides open-source data-driven web solutions and Search Engine Optimization services. I also assist companies in breaking into the Chinese market or sourcing goods and services in China.

I speak, read and write Japanese fluently, Chinese passably and a smattering of phrases in a dozen other tongues for fun.

I produce and audio in my small home studio. I play piano, guitar, bass, and played trumpet when I was a kid. I enjoy sound design and music production most of all. I also sing in the with whom I regularly perform at the Forbidden City Music Hall to a crowd of up to 1,500 folks. It’s awesome! I am also on the IFC Committee and designed and maintain the website, so !

My interests are wide and varied but mostly center on my kids and what makes the multiverse tick, where its headed and how I can manipulate it to my advantage (left hand path) and how I become a truly whole being in harmony with All That Is (right hand path).

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